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Volunteer Work 

GLA Mission Trip

Jonah went to Cusco, Peru, where he and other GLA (Global Leadership Adventures) students helped the locals in a rural farming village construct fish ponds, to combat malnutrition and poor protein intake.This was a 3 week non-religious program hosted by GLA  ( goal was to help the locals and to provide an educationally enriching experience for the students.

Workathon for Solidarity

The Workathon for Solidarity is an event initiated by VSE students in 2020 to raise awareness and funds for anti-discrimination causes, by working on Econ Job Market’s Ph.D. placement dataset (  for around 10 hours a day, manually collecting and developing EJM’s dataset.The year Jonah participated they raised funds for: Indian Residential School Survivors Society ( ), Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (,Stop AAPI Hate (, and Egale Canada ( ).

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